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Henry Masur, immunologist and infectious disease specialist at NIH Clinical Center (NIH CC)

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Page: 2.0 Michael Gottlieb — Introduction to Session 2 (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... one from Fred Siegal at Mount Sinai (3) and one from Henry Masur (4). In our own paper, we raised the question of whether there might be a virus ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 2.6 Tony Fauci — 35 Years of HIV/AIDS: Science and Policy (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... AIDS etiology I recruited the person 00:06:30 on the right, Henry Masur. Mike Gottlieb mentioned him. Henry was the first author on the New York City ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 1.7 Max Essex — From Feline Leukemia Virus to AIDS in Africa (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... 24 (December 10, 1981): 1425–31. doi:10.1056/NEJM198112103052401 Masur, Henry, Mary Ann Michelis, Jeffrey B. Greene, Ida Onorato, Robert ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 3.2 Samuel Broder: The First Clinical Trials of Antiretroviral Drugs (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... P., Dan Longo, H. Clifford Lane, Anthony S. Fauci, Henry Masur, Margaret Wesley, Olivia T. Preble, Joan Jacob, and Ron Steis. “Combination ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 2.5 Françoise Barré-Sinoussi — Discovery of HIV (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... Alter, Harvey J., Jorg W. Eichberg, Henry Masur, W. Carl Saxinger, Robert C Gallo, Abe M. Macher, H ...
Apr 27, 2021

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