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A "what if" history, hypothesized in order to evaluate the importance of actual key events.

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Page: 1.5 John Coffin — The Origin of Molecular Retrovirology (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... reverse transcription and how we came to realize that this is the way retroviruses replicate.   #diagram #counterfactual history You won't be surprised to hear that this story actually revolves of course, around ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 3.2 Samuel Broder: The First Clinical Trials of Antiretroviral Drugs (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... approved eight years later on November 17th, 1995. These are from the FDA website. #counterfactual history   In other words, it took a long time to come up with other drugs ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 2.6 Tony Fauci — 35 Years of HIV/AIDS: Science and Policy (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... needle for more of us than Tony. 00:35:41 END OF AUDIO   #counterfactual history         #iconoclasm in science Citations  Fauci, Anthony S., Sheldon M. Wolff ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 2.4 Robert Gallo — Discoveries of Human Retrovirus, Their Linkage to Disease as Causative Agents & Preparation for the Future (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... contamination  control — experimental control, control group, blinded experiment  counterfactual history  cows  cure vs. remission of HIV/AIDS DNA
Apr 27, 2021
Page: Session 10: What Have We Learned? (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... 1947) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) condom counterfactual history Department of Health and Human Services, US (HHS) Dingell, John ...
Apr 27, 2021

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