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Page: ELISpot (enzyme-linked immune absorbent spot) (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... ELISpot is a quantitative immunostaining assay for measuring cytokine secretion of a single cell
Feb 25, 2021
Page: NF-κB (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... factor kappalightchainenhancer of activated B cells) is a protein complex that controls transcription of DNA, cytokine production, and cellular apoptosis
Mar 01, 2021
Page: TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor alpha, cachexin) (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... cytokine (small signaling protein) that regulates immune cells
Jan 05, 2021
Page: interferons (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... interferons are signaling proteins (cytokines) made by many cells in response to viral infection
Jan 04, 2021
Page: 2.6 Tony Fauci — 35 Years of HIV/AIDS: Science and Policy (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... time, at that same year, used that model in a cell line to determine the effect of stimulating with cytokines, the individual cells that were in fact harboring virus. (23, 24) Just about ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 8.4 Robert Siliciano — The Challenge of the HIV Reservoir (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... HIV gene expression could be upregulated in infected T cell lines by various cytokines. (3) But in the early 1990s, studies from Jeff Lifson and John Mellors showed ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 1.6 Harold Varmus — Animal Retroviruses and Cancer Research (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... other expanded clones, it might be the case that infected immune cells are responding to antigens or to cytokines and other homeostatic signals in preferential ways that would increase 00:27:30 ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 8.3 George Shaw — Transmitted/Founder HIV Genomes: What They Teach Us (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... cell response, now. This is 00:24:00 our ICS studies, intracellular cytokine staining. You can see if the animal was vaccinated with a reading frame 1 insert ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 6.3 Bruce Walker — Role of T Cells in Controlling HIV Infection (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... Ferrari, Jack D. Keene, and Georgia D. Tomaras. “Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Regulation of Cytokine Gene Expression in HIV1 AntigenSpecific CD8 T Cells That Mediate Virus Inhibition ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 6.5 Emilio Emini — Issues in HIV Vaccine Development: Will the Future be any Easier than the Past? (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
Emilio Emini: 00:00:00 Thank you very much, Dan Barouch. Thank you to the organizers, as everyone else said, for the honor, for the invitation. It's been really incredible sitting here for the last two and a half days, and  it's ...
Apr 27, 2021

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