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Sheldon M. "Shelly" Wolff, 1930–1994. Was the director of the NIAID until 1984, when he was succeeded by Anthony Fauci.

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Page: 8.6 David Baltimore — Bringing it to an End (And Where Are We Going?) (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... hierarchy, asking me whether I would be willing to be a cochair of that with a clinical person, Shelly Wolff (1930–1994), as it turned out. I said it seemed to me that history had
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 2.6 Tony Fauci — 35 Years of HIV/AIDS: Science and Policy (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... New York HospitalCornell, and then I went down to the NIH and NIAID. Recruited down there by Sheldon M. Shelly Wolff (1930–1994), my mentor, my dear friend, and ultimately actually the best ... looking at the regulation of the immune response in diseases of aberrant immune regulation, in which, together with ...
Apr 27, 2021
Page: 1.5 John Coffin — The Origin of Molecular Retrovirology (HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future Meeting)
... died February 9, 1984. You may not be aware—many of you knew Sheldon Wolff (1930–1994) was a very important figure in NIAID, he was the clinical director before
Apr 27, 2021

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